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Holographic Laminate Teckwrap Inkject Printable Sticker Vinyl - 14 Sheet Pack ✂️

Holographic Laminate Teckwrap Inkject Printable Sticker Vinyl - 14 Sheet Pack ✂️

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An amazing image in vibrant hues on a blank facet is always a source of jollity and fun. The matte white printable vinyl sticker paper provides a plain canvas to the crafters to unleash their creativity on. You can think of any captivating design that your heart desires, tweak it on your favourite software and print it using an inkjet printer on our printable vinyl sticker paper – it’s as simple as that. Your brilliant design is ready to embellish any surface and bedazzle all.
The Amazing Characteristics
Our printable vinyl sticker paper boasts some awesome characteristics that make it exceptional. First and foremost, it is of premium quality, the best that money can buy. The very fact guarantees its durability and long life. Its high viscosity and stability ensure firm adherence to any clean, smooth and dry surface.
The vinyl sticker paper is available in A4 size giving you ample room to print many small stickers or a big one with fine detailing. It has a strong water-based adhesive backing.
Design and Application
This functional set of vinyl sticker paper can be designed and printed easily. Simply select your favourite design, scale it to the required size and print. You don’t need any special printer to work on it. It is compatible with most Inkjet printers and gives an excellent result due to its absorbent surface. The image will dry quickly and the ink will not smudge. You will have a high-resolution, clear and captivating image to paste on the substrate.
Myriad of Uses
A vibrant, flamboyant sticker beautifully embellishes any surface it adheres. The vinyl sticker paper can be used to make labels and promotional stickers or decorate water bottles or tumblers. You can personalise your laptop by pasting stickers of your favourite celebrity, an intricate design or an inspirational quote. You can even paste these on your phone cover making it captivating.
Our vinyl sticker paper is great for printing photos or decorating scrapbooks. You can create posters with them or decorate your child’s bedroom. You can also make bumper stickers with them for your vehicle or decorate your bicycle. If you ride a motorbike, give a distinctive look to your helmet with these.
Since vinyl stickers perfectly adhere to metal, plastic, glass, tin, cardboard, ceramic, paper or any other smooth surface, there is no dearth of interesting ideas where usage is concerned. Get the 15-piece set now and start creating some amazing artwork!

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